Sunday, January 8, 2012


It’s national Wear Your Pajamas to a Buffet Day. Okay, it’s not a national holiday, but it should be. Most traditions seem to revolve around Thanksgiving and Christmas, while the rest of the year is sadly lacking. Why not create a new tradition designed specifically for you and your loved ones?

Once a year, the Brux family chooses a Sunday for our annual wear our pajamas to the Golden Corral Buffet. The kids look forward to this event, talk about it all year, and get really upset if PJ and Breakfast has to be rescheduled.

Let me stress that there are rules to participating.

  1. You must wear pajamas or something that resembles loungewear. When the snow is deep we wear boots, but usually slippers are mandatory.
  2. You can’t comb your hair, remove mascara raccoon eyes, or even brush your teeth. Nuff said.
  3. You may accessorize with a robe, stuffed animal, blanket, etc.
  4. Anybody can play as long as they wear pajamas.
  5. You must be there when the buffet opens, even if this means waiting in the parking lot. More on this later.
  6. When it comes to food—anything goes.

We’ve noticed a pattern with the buffet patrons. They arrive in two morning shifts. The first wave is the nonchalant diner. These people come for the food and are there at opening time. This is the wave you want to be in. Most eaters wear sweats, t-shirts, hoodies, and yes, even slippers. For the most part we blend in. Plus, this crowd is focused on eating. I could wear a plastic wrap dress with big red clown shoes and get no more than a cursory glance. As long as I’m not blocking the omelet bar, we’re cool.

Next comes the churchin’ crowd. Make sure you’re headed home by this time. Nice dresses, freshly applied makeup, hair all coiffured. Don’t subject yourself to the judgmental looks; just finish your M &M peanut butter brownie surprise with sprinkles and get the hell out of there.

Tainted doughnut, been touched by gravy!!!


Which brings us to rule six. This is what makes my kids giddy and ratchets our parental status to stellar. It’s the one day I don’t harp about gorging themselves on sugar. Let me share a few photos of what happens when you let kids run wild at The Golden Corral Buffet.
Cheez Whiz Fries

Marshmallow on a stick dipped in chocolate

Stick dipped in chocolate

Let the games begin

To be honest, buffets are lost on me. I only eat one plateful and rarely get dessert. I stare in wonder as my kids and husband create a revolving door effect at our table, going back again and again for food. Sure, they may only return with one or two delicacies, but it adds up after the seventh trip. And it’s weird stuff, Jell-O  and a hunk of ham, scrambled eggs and a bowl of gummy bears from the dessert bar, fried chicken and a glazed doughnut. Yeah, fried chicken at the breakfast bar, go figure.

Each year we’ve done this, we’ve gotten the same waiter. I’ll call him Paulo since I doubt he’d want to be immortalized in this blog. He’s awesome, timely with the coffee, always smiling, and clearing the plates as quickly as the chowhounds can pile them up. Paulo always gets a nice tip.

At the end of our feed, on the way home, we all smile, thank the makers of elastic waistband and cheer another successful Pajama to the Buffet Day.

I’d love to hear about any non-traditional traditions you have. Really.


Tiffinie Helmer said...

Boone, you are freaking funny! Other than the pjs and gettting there when they open, this is my family at any all you can eat buffet. My husband can eat no one I've ever met. He gets his money's worth and the then some. But then afterwards, when he can barely walk, he turns to be and says, "Why'd you let me eat so much?" I'd like to hit him but I'm afraid all that he ate will come back up and cover me.
Thanks for the laugh!

Boone Brux said...

Lol, that's funny! It's sad that my girls can out eat me. And yeah, I'm just going to play dumb and say we only look like this on our PJ Buffet day.:) I do get a twinge of satisfaction when everybody is groaning and I'm not.

Thanks Tiffinie.

LizbethSelvig said...

There's no way in the world I can top this except to agree with what Tiffinie said, I have a hubby who isn't allowed in buffets because he loses them money. And I'm in the category with your girls--sticks dipped in chocolate can't be beat. Excellent tradition, my friend. I think it should be nationalized!